Declutter to Prayers: Covering-Abiding

Lord, please cover me and my family from all dangers of the enemy’s doing. Whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, I am seeking Your covering so we can continue our journey and walk to doing Your will on our jobs, in our church, family, and communities.

Please Lord abide in our every activity of thought, word, and deed. Open my heart, ears, and spirit to You so I can “hear” You and follow Your direction. My goal is to be one with You regularly. I want to feel and hear from You because I want to be “in order”. Order positions me for knowledge and blessings.

In Jesus’ name I pray,



Declutter to Prayers: Intro

This week I had a rough day. But I forced myself to get up and do some decluttering around my home. There really is not much. But I figured every little bit counts, and opens space for more blessings and positive energy.

After putting away my Christmas tree (Yes. I know is April.) and decorations I went to my bookshelf. I came across a notebook full of meeting notes from a fantastic job I held for 3 years here in Columbus, Ohio. As I leafed through it I found several prayers I had written for a prayer fast that I was doing. After reading them I am more amazed at God’s grace and favor. So, I debated about sharing them.

I have a way of keeping to myself; thoughts, beliefs, opinions, hopes, aspirations, joys, lows…my life I guess. I don’t really mean to. But I learned at an early age that many people don’t want to hear what I have to say. I believe that our society discredits young people, assuming that a younger age equates to less knowledge. So, I have held things back over the years.

But I have decided to go’on ahead and be all of me out loud…on purpose! So, I am going to share these prayers with the world. The awesome thing is that you all can use them too. You’ll see in some of them how they are fitting even today.

Let the Boy Jump

One afternoon, on an unlikely occasion, my son who was between 3 and 4 and I went shopping with our godmother. When out of nowhere he began jumping. He wasn’t jumping on things, from things, or anything like that. He was just jumping.

This was a new behavior for him. Since we were with the “god mom” there were only a few things I could do to try and stop him from jumping without getting the same in return. So I held his hand a little tighter, and pulled it gently in a downward direction (encouraging him to keep his feet still and “down”…on the ground). It was not working. He just kept jumping despite my physical suggestions and redirections.

Our godmother looked over at one point, turned her eyes back to what she was doing, and calmly said “That’s just what boys do.” I tried to play if off like I had no idea what she was referring to. She didn’t bat an eye or call me out any further. She ended it all simply by saying “Let the boy jump.” and carried on.

I let lose my grip and downward tug, and let him jump (while holding my hand of course) as we continued our shopping…and out the store to the car. This single moment was surely an important defying moment in my parenting.

I was concerned about several things in that moment: safety, what others would think of us, my ability to control my son when I felt necessary. The latter of these concerned me the most. What if he’s engaging in inappropriate behavior, and I was not able to gain control of my son in an instant? What kind of mother does that make me? Oh, no! My son is going to be rebellious and unruly!

Yes! I thought all of that in that moment. My heart was racing and was about to panic, all over some simple jumping; something that was causing no harm, making him smile, and keeping him engaged apparently since he wasn’t running around the store under clothing racks like I use to.

Often times we as parent (adults) inhibit behaviors that are innate to our children that are surely harmless all because we are worried/anxious about things that have little to nothing to do with them. That moment of anxiety was mostly about me. From that moment I committed to allowing my child to be a him at every stage.

I realize quickly that it was not my place to prevent him from doing what felt natural or fun. My job is to monitor all of his behaviors, and be sure that he knows when any behavior is not appropriate. With the jumping he knew not to jump through the church, school halls, onto or from things. And of for some reason he wanted to jump in public he had to hold my hand or stay very close to me.

Fast forward to 14.75years of age. Teen boys can be very odd: poking, teasing, pulling pranks, being obnoxious on purpose, extreme sarcasm, etc. It drives me crazy some days. I recently had to tell him that it’s not the behavior it’s when he chooses to do it. I encouraged him to not be a pest or a jerk (okay asshole…I told him not to be an asshole). He fully got what I was saying.

I don’t feel like I’m a better parent than others, or that I’m oh, so seasoned that a parent should listen to my advice, because I make mistakes (like the asshole thing…my mom is going to thump me. Sorry.). But if you want your child to have an enjoyable childhood “Let the boy jump.” I promise with the proper guidance it won’t hurt a thing. They deserve to be children. Give them guidelines and boundaries and both parties will survive.

There’s nothing that hurts my soul worse than seeing children with so many restrictions that they cannot enjoy their childhood. I can’t speculate about the behaviors that can arise from that later in life. But I’m certain there’s something to be said for those who weren’t allowed to “jump”.

So today, start to “Let the boy jump”. You may want to “jump” with them, and learn there’s a lot more to enjoy in this life.


Get Sidetracked

3 times I tried to attend my favorite yoga class: Sekoia at  Yoga On High. If you’ve never experienced it you should. When you do you’ll soon experience what I feel is the most comprehensive yoga practice. The class infuses intention, mudra, pranayama, and aromatherapy into asana practice (what most know as a traditional yoga practice). As a dancer I need all of my senses engage to have the best learning, spiritual, and sharing moments. Sekoia does this seamlessly for me in the most loving environment.

The first time I missed class i was pissed- As I made my way to class from a volunteer opportunity I sidetracked. I realized later I chose to be sidetracked. So i really should not be upset.

The second time was 2 weeks later. I registered, put it in my calendar, told my BF and son so there would be reason for wither to looking for me during that time. So when plans arose to take my son to meet his uncle from some family time away during my class I almost fainted. Thankfully we were able to arrange a time that accommodated my yoga schedule.

Well we pack up the car a smidge late and…the car won’t start. Like really? Really? Just Why?! How is this possible? Something told me to start my car when my BF was there. Oh, but Olivia doesn’t listen to herself, so of course she didn’t do that. That’s my new year’s resolution- listen to yourself.

I was disappointed. But not nearly as much as last time. I gave up a bit in my brain. But as I reviewed the week’s classes at YOHI, what did I discover but a Sekoia class on my last night off. That’s perfect, I thought! Obviously this is the class that I need to be in after 2 tries. So I register and post a jovial BUT VERY sincere prayer and notice to the universe to not interrupt my moment.

I got nervous my moment would be interrupted because my son was late for pick-up. But we made it home in time to organize his planner for the week, and for me to change, grab water, and stop by the laundromat. Too bad I left my keys in my BF’s car! Noooooo!no

I quickly set into blaming myself. Why? I told myself to put my keys in my purse but chose to do otherwise. (As you can see my new year’s resolution follow through stinks!) I started to sulk and even quicker flashed back to my meeting with Jasmine Grace in November. I distinctly heard her say “Everything happens for a reason.” So I lifted my head and walked back in the house.

As I climbed the stairs my son says “Hey mom. I need your help.”, like I had never left. I walked into the bathroom and told him to meet me in my room. That he did, and we had a great study session over Acts 1-8 despite his/our dog acting a nut. He was running all over the house like there was an intruder; growling, barking like a banchee! I got unnerved really quick. But he trips when a cat walks past the door.

Then he sounded like he was dragging brown paper bag in my room. But where was he? Aw hell no! (I yelled really loud) That’s not William! That’s the creature in my ceiling that’s been trying to join us for breakfast for 2 weeks. He/She/It was trying to escape its world into mine..through the 3″ hole that’s been in my ceiling for 2 months. It was scratching so tough plaster was falling from the hole.

We quickly moved to action. I yelled some more and made a lot of noise so hopefully startle him away. I found some tape my step-dad left last winter, then cut up a cardboard box and a “green bag”, and we covered the hole pretty well.

As the boy and I stood admiring our work everything came full circle. Not that I have to know “why” all of the time, but I understood why and saw how me missing my class all worked out for our good.

  1. I got to spend time with my boy.
  2. I was able to help him study.
  3. We prevented the creature from entering our home.

If I went to yoga we would have had greater issues on our hands besides my hurt feelings.


Often times in life we are sidetracked by unexpected events. They can bring forth many feelings and concerns. When we are well intended and living on purpose we are quicker to accept that everything happens for a reason, and for our good. We have to discover ways to quickly let go of what we cannot control: car accident, failed experiment, burnt dinner, lost keys, tardy to school, cancelled plans and be fully present in the moment. They’re are far more important than those past, we can’t control, or seemingly missed.

Make a commitment to trust God, to trust the universe, and trust yourself. Together you’ll find the good in all things.

Om ShantiNamaste

Shine Bright

My (clean) laundry began to stack up.

My bags began to stack up.

My books and pens started to go missing.

My body started to ache.

I started to feel miserable.

Since yoga (asana class) is usually my go to for realigning things I made plans to go. But I just couldn’t seem to get there. Stuff kept interrupting my time. I mean…it was important stuff, but so is my yoga! It all (stacks of stuff, missing stuff, pain, sickness) frustrated me just enough as I prepared for Christmas. I chose to not have a meltdown no matter what.

So what did this all I mean? Of course my intelligent self tried to figure this out on Christmas Eve while wrapping gifts and my eyebrows needed to be snatched. Well, I put it on the back burner until the day after Christmas. It meant that I needed to declutter. Because I had so much clothing piled up I enlisted my son to help get it all on hangers while I sorted through all the other stuff (gifts, bags, wrapping, pens, books), and then hung up the clothes. As I looked over my freshly made bed I was pretty pleased with what I had done.

Before I could plop in there I noticed one corner that kept calling me. I truly was tired and didn’t feel like going through those books and notes…why? I kept thinking it could wait. NOT! After I started going through it all I see why waiting was not a good option.

As I leafed through the pages of my “ideas” journal I discovered the visions and plans I saw for my life (much of which is taking shape now). I found my business plans and marketing samples and strategies. I cam across 2 books I wrote, and the complete outline for another. If that wasn’t enough, I also discovered the materials I created for my dance workshops. And amongst it all were several affirmations and scriptures that I needed to hear right then.

Every piece was in a perfect place, and reflected the light that’s OBVIOUSLY been inside me for years (at least 8). I was surprised and overjoyed to say the least. I was largely in awe of how these things molded and shaped who I am right now. The other part was, I don’t have to recreate the wheel!!! To think, I would not have found any of it had I not listened to my inner voice. After my discovery I was ready to stay on track with my visions. So I committed to getting on the mat…I had to clear my mind too.

I spent most of Tuesday frustrated that Yoga On High was closed for the holidays. Where would I take class? I mean I can guide myself through. But for this I needed an outside guide. Finally late in the day I saw a post with several donation classes at YOHI! The joy I had was crazy. I was going to take class with Jeremy Grace who had just friended me on Facebook (WOOT!WOOT! lol, it’s the little things).

As I drove to class I thought over my intentions for class, the month, and 2017 while listening to “The Unmaking” by Nichole Nordeman:

“This is the unmaking
The beauty in the breaking
Had to lose myself
To find out who You are
Before each beginning
There must be an ending
Sitting in the rubble
I can see the stars
This is the unmaking
This is the unmaking”

It was very clear: BREAKTHOUGH-ABUNDANCE. It’s time to break through the blockages in my life and allow my light to shine. [BTW, I know this is long.]

During class I stayed on task with my intentions, even though I had a few second thoughts. But as class wound to savasana Jeremy drew our attention to the song playing, “Bowl of Light” by Trevor Hall:

“Don’t you carry stones
Don’t you carry stones
Don’t you carry stones
Don’t you carry stones
Don’t you carry stones
Don’t you carry stones in your bowl of light
In your bowl of light
In your bowl of light
In your bowl of light”

I cannot even give justice to his description of the song. But it completely affirmed my intentions and what I had come to realize over the past 24 hours; I’d been hiding my light.

No longer would I all the rubble/debri/stones of doubt, anxiety, introversion, skepticism, deceit, limits, comparison, or worry to block my light. I am here to shine and share my light with as many as I can.

For this I am grateful!


The Painful Truth

This will more than likely be the hardest thing I have ever shared with a large number of people. If I actually post this trust that it is meant cleanse me.

I am a mother of a wonderful 14-year-old son. He is handsome, talented, funny, kind, prayerful, intelligent, and more than I asked for in a son (and let me tell you…I asked for A LOT while I was pregnant). He is my life. He is what drives me. Everything I do is to make his life wonderful and to glorify God in that. I don’t do it for show or recognition. Every single thing is for that “boy”.

I became pregnant by a man that I did not know long. I loved him but wasn’t in love with him. That did not change my hurt when he walked away from us. I won’t get into the awful commentary that transpired, just know that it was ugly. I made a decision to be a single mother in a city I knew very little about. I was in graduate school at the time, and was being pressed by my department to disenroll and try again later.

That was not an option for me. I stayed in school and worked 2 part-time jobs to take care of myself. I refused to buy an expensive parking pass for campus. So I commuted every day. I drove to a COTA park-and-ride, and the bus dropped me off in front of my building. The ride home required that I walk ½ mile (yes while pregnant) to the bus to get back to my car. I never really thought about it truthfully. Everyone else was bothered. I just saw it as what I needed to do.

Nights were bad for me. I was very alone. I only had 1 good friend in Columbus that made it a point to check on me and see to it that I was well. He brought me Arby’s and put Josiah’s room together for me. So each night I would call my friend Jamie and vent about pregnancy stuff that no one tells you about. She was so kind to listen. She even let me cry the first few weeks. I had my mother too. But, as a mom now, I can see why it hurt her to see me go through this.

Well, over the years I have worked several jobs to make ends meet. Sometimes ends did not meet. I’m not sure if it was my pride or the Joe White in me that just handled most of it without saying a word. Those times were never easy. I always felt like the worst mom in the world. I always prayed that Jo would never remember any of it.

In all of this I tried my hardest to still give Jo an amazing life. I feel he deserves a life of smiles and memories that he will love to share with his wife and children. I feel like I have done that pretty well up until now. The heart wrenching part is that I cannot give him the 1 thing that his heart desires the most, a father. This one thing makes me feel like a complete an utter failure. I realized a few years ago that there is no amount of love from me, care from others, and relationships with men of integrity that will ever take the place of the father he deserves.

His earnest prayer is for me to be married and him to have a father. It’s so serious that he wrote it down. Now, we all know that this cannot be done without a willing man. I’ve had people tell me I should not worry about it…just get him a mentor. YO! A mentor is not a dad! I’ve had people tell me to lower my standards. Are you crazy? I’m already far more compassionate than I should be! I’ve even had folks try and tell me not everyone is meant for marriage. No kids! Read the bible. We all are meant for marriage. That’s exactly why Eve was created. I’m Eve’s daughter. So, go on somewhere with that one.

Some people are fooled that I date just to find him a father. Not true. I date because I want to be married, and whoever I marry will be his father. I love love. I deserve love. What I don’t deserve is the mess that’s been hurled at me on the journey to that. Not every man is the same. Neither is every woman. There are men that were not marriage material in my life. When that was realized I moved on about the day without recourse. In 14 years there have only been a couple of men that have made my heartache and question myself. Then I’d question them (about me). The consensus has been that there is nothing wrong with me. So, I was okay mostly.

I understand there is only one mate for everybody. Getting to them can take time. I get that. But when you (mutually) believe that’s what you’ve found and it’s just gone, with no warning it makes you hurt in a very deep way. I’m there…How do you just turn away from that? How do you just so quickly change your mind? How do you love someone so deeply and sincerely to just nothing?

I am hurt. I am tired. I am drained. My hope is somewhere. But I don’t feel it. I have faith. But it’s not as great as it was. I am trying to stay positive. But just when I thought God answered my prayers and heard my heart’s cries…this. And I really don’t even know what “this” is. Now I feel even worse for my Jo. The joy and hope on the horizon was so beautiful. My heart is broken for me and for him, and that’s a lot of breakage. I am not sure how I might manage through this. Maybe I won’t.

I know that we must have trials, and press through. I know God hears me. I know to stay in the word. I know to pray. I know to be persistent. I do all of this through the pain. I do all of this with the pain. I am actually more patient than I give myself credit for. So it’s not about rushing to the finish or anything.

*This is the part where I am supposed to say something encouraging or helpful. But I’ve got nothing.* Maybe some woman will read this and know it’s not just them. Maybe some man will read this and think twice about how he interacts with women. I don’t know. (SMH) I really just don’t know. There’s nothing worse to anyone to be told everything wonderful and it to be just washed away. This is making me fade and I am hard pressed to stop that from happening.

The Golden Ticket

I really love to write. I used to hate it in high school. My friend Jamie (from high school) was so great at it. She always helped me make sense of it all. When we went to college I declared I’d be “better than her” one day (iron sharpens iron…I really just wanted to be as good as her if possible.) Our insanely (brilliant) Senior Writing teacher Dr. Repko had given us rubrics throughout the year, and told us to keep them for college. Jamie and I were 2 of the “crazies” that kept them.

When I got to college I remember my first writing assignment. I was so scared and nervous. My first thought was “Call Jamie!” But I didn’t. I had my rubric. I remember thinking that my friends would laugh at me if they knew what I was doing. Then…I knew my classmates would laugh too if they knew I was using some high school rubric to write this paper. But I did anyway.

When our assignments were returned I had built a few relationships in class. So when I received my paper they were asking about my grade. I had an ‘A’! Say what?! They asked “How’d you do that?” They were sincerely intrigued and wanting help. So I pulled out my rubric and showed them. It was like I had the *Golden Ticket*! You should have seen their faces! They created such a buzz that other students came to see what the fuss was about.

I had people asking to copy it by hand or if I’d Xerox it for them (This was 1996. So we said Xerox back then.)! It was quite a sight to see. I was more than entertained. For a moment I had no intention of sharing my *Golden Ticket* with anyone. But then I thought, what if Dr. Repko never shared it with me? What if Jamie never helped me. What if…I was them?Needless to say after class there were quite a few of us in the English Department library getting our Xerox on!

Because I was so quick to be helpful I never really focused on my previous thought not to. Too often these days folks don’t want to share the *Golden Tickets * they have. I promise sharing insights will NOT take anything away from you. Who cares if you don’t get any credit (on earth) for the other person’s success because of “your” *Golden Ticket*. Truth is, all you have belongs to God, and is meant to bless all of His people, not just you.

I firmly believe my sharing that day opened the channel from heaven for my continuous flow of blessings in the area of writing. I’ve been published 4x. I’m sought after to assist with proposal writing and editing. I was well-known in college for resume writing, and producing amazing cover letters. And what’s next for me is so awesome I’m not allowed to say it!

So please don’t block your blessings. Go on and share your *Golden Tickets*!!!

This Thing Called Love

In my life I have loved many people: family, friends, colleagues, men I’ve dated, and random people who spark a special energy in me or reflect something I am or hope to be. As Christians we know that there are levels to this thing we call love:

  1. Philia- Brotherly Love
  2. Eros- Romantic Love
  3. Storge- Familial Love
  4. Agape- Selfless Love

There are people who do not factor all of this into the equation when you say that you love someone. For the purpose of this post I am going to talk about how we love people as our mates, husbands/wives, significant other, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.

For most people when they say that they love someone they are referring to eros love. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. As the relationship evolves people will begin to say “I am so IN-love with ___________.” What in the world does that mean? I’ve said it myself, and when someone said to me once, “I love you Olivia. But I’m not IN-love with you.” I had to really sit back and think on what he meant.

As I evaluated my relationships up until that point compared to the 4 types of love mentioned above, I fully understood what had been said to me. Though it hurt I was glad to have clarity. From my perspective when you’re in-love with someone you love them in all 4 ways. The love for a spouse/mate is the only love that encourages all 4 to be combined into 1 experience or relationship.

When you are in-love with someone you usually begin with a love for them as you do your friends. At some point you create a connection that includes intimacies and sharings that are only meant for romantic relationships. And very soon you will find yourselves loving one another as you do your family. And as Christians, I am sure that the selfless, supernatural love we are to have for all was in it from the start ;)!

Why dear Olivia Are you talking about all of this? Because I think that quite a few people consider all of this. Not everyone takes time to think about how and why we love people, and what that converts to in our actions and words. This is in no way meant to admonish a lack of loving expressions. Even though we should all consider how we treat and express our love to our mates based on what space we are loving them from. But I am looking from the other side.

I could talk all day about what we should and could do for our mates. Most of us reading this already know these things. We may not always do those things, or do them the best when we do. When we don’t we often beat ourselves up to a point of immobility. Remorse is a natural response when we disappoint someone we love. But it should not hold us or our relationship hostage. What I want to challenge is for us to look from your mate’s heart at you in those moments.

You know they are in-love with you, right? If the answer is yes, then why don’t you trust them to love you through your errors, faults, and shortcomings? That’s what we are to do as Christians. I could just leave that right there. But listen, that’s how we are to love our family and friends too. So, why in the world do we think that the 1 person in the world who has godly love for us, endears us as a friend, cares for us as family, and is romantically involved with us would not be willing to look beyond your flaws and have forgiveness and compassion for you…and STILL love you?

There are “deal breakers” for some people, and I understand that. I am not talking about those things. When you are completely loved by someone as Christ intends mates to; at some point you have to trust that they will love you over the potholes and speed bumps. “Yeah, you made my head jerk and may have scratched my new rims a bit. But I still love you.” Too many of us have missed out on sincere love because of this.

We basically think that people only love our goodness. Nah son! If I’m in-love with you I love all of you. We aren’t perfect. You may irritate me. But that’s okay. I’m sure I irritate you too, and you still love me! The things we are scared to share usually are 1. not so bad, and 2. what has shaped our character. Many people have to move from the fear of shame and criticism and trust in God’s work and love in our mate to be like Him in times of pain or frustration.

This is one storm that many couples do not get past. It can be painful to watch. I implore you all to trust the God in your mate. Trust the love they have for you. Trust that with those things plus sincerity, prayer, and communication you will be loved perpetually without reservation.


Straight Outta LACKville 

Since June 15th abundance, increase, and overflow have been reintroduced into my life. This day it was declared that I deserve more and that I could do better. I was reminded again two days later, and then on Friday! I sincerely had NOT been living fully in that reality. It was a near epiphany! It spoke so loudly to me that I felt compelled to discuss it more.

So many messages I’ve read or heard since then have been about living in abundance not lack; not limiting or putting a cap on God. We do this by:

  1. Not asking for what we desire.
  2. Not having faith we will receive what we ask for.
  3. Preparing a Plan B just in case we don’t get what we ask for.
  4. Asking for a watered down version of what we desire.

I’m sure we all fall victim from time to time. I have.

I’ve tried to understand why we have faith in God for small things but not the deeper more intimate things of our lives. It’s clear that somewhere in life we are fashioned to not ask for too much…take just what you can get (see/are offered). Eventually this becomes part of our spiritual life, and we start putting a cap on God.

This makes it clear the difficulty with living in abundance! We often allow people around us to sell us Plan B when what we desire seems “too big” (ex. You need a new car: My brother is selling a car. Why don’t you just call him. You just filed bankruptcy. No bank is going to give you a quality loan. Plus you need to save.). Or someone tries convincing you your plight is something you must endure, and wait on God to take away when He’s ready (ex. You’re obviously sick for a reason. Just wait on God. He’ll heal you in due time.).

No! No! No! Christian friends! Two things will keep you from your blessings: not asking and not believing! If you want something ask for it and believe it is yours! There’s nothing too hard for God. He wants to perform miracles so He can get the glory. He’s compassionate and wants to give us the desires of our heart. Life isn’t out to get us or meant to be continuously troublesome! Yes we will have tests. So He’s given us all we need to pass. One of those skills is FAITH! If we don’t use it we will stay in LACKville. But we’re not meant to live there.

Don’t let others sucker you into believing you can’t have all you desire. If it’s not against His ordinances and ways (ie. sinful) He can and will grant it if we believe. There are dreams, hopes, businesses, books, programs, etc. lying dormant in so many because we simply don’t believe we can, or that God will (help us) bring it to fruition. Stand firm against people when they try to convince you otherwise. He did not intend for us to live off of scraps, fragments of blessings, or hand-me-down gifts.

To get out of LACKville you’ll have to unhook the trailer loaded with your previous thinking to take a sharp left turn down a new road that leads to ABUNDANCEville. It’s pretty easy until satan starts calling you about that old trailer. When he calls just tell him he can have all of that stuff you don’t need it anymore. Then block his number! You don’t need his distractions! You’ve got blessing to go get!

Changing Worship to Prayer

I’ve been on a deep search for almost 1 year! It started with me trying to adjust how people perceive me. It slowly lead me down an amazing path of self discovery, discipline, wisdom, strength, and enlightenment. Yeah! That’s a lot!

I haven’t been perfect in this process. Old habits are hard to break and new ones are harder to create. It’s been tough some days. Some days have been harder than others. But I’ve kept fighting. The hardest have been when I’ve had to change my thinking or recognized significant errors I’ve made.

Last week I realized I wasn’t truly embodying the things I sang in praise and worship for the things I desired the most. That was rough! I mean I know all the words. I know what the words mean. But I was just singing to God. Now yes that’s important. But He gave us the songs to praise Him AS WELL AS encourage and teach us how to “live”.

I was singing to Jesus; just as happy or humbled, giving thanks for His word. But I wasn’t pulling from it lessons to apply to my most intimate of circumstances. (#dontjudge) I was little disturbed. It came from a lack of faith. I thought “He’s not talking to me. Lord whoever this is for make sure they are open to hearing from You!” LOL! I know! Funny I was talking about myself!

I’ve been saved for nearly 25 years! How in the world is this possible? What have I been doing with my life?! God shut me up and told me not to worry about that…get to doing it right, and that I did.

There are 7 songs in particular on my Morning Worship playlist that have always moved me deeply. When I went back to listen to them I was hollering in the car on the freeway! Below I’ve listed them with key insights from the songs I pray you’ll too use to speak to your situations! Amen!

“Our Father” F. Hammond

  • Because He’s our father we have special level of blessings (an inheritance).
  • His love is so awesome it too goes beyond what we dream.

“Say a Prayer” D. Lawrence 

  • When we ask Him to pray for us hat doesn’t mean we don’t pray for ourselves.
  • Ask Him to pray for your needs and protect you gifts.
  • I have all I need to get through the storm.

“Show Me Your Face” F. Hammond

  • Seek Him.
  • Ask to see His face, make Himself visible in the blessing you asked for when sent.
  • Get close to Him.
  • Admit your errors (Job).
  • Be persistent.
  • Ask Him to remove the mess/brokenness in your life. (It’s not always us!)
  • Ask Him to bombard you with His presence.

“It’s Only the Comforter” F. Hammond

  • His comfort will come from nowhere.
  • Onlookers will be confused by our peace.
  • Don’t let the peace scare you! Receive it knowing you’re on one accord with Him. (Obviously!)
  • That’s when the blessing is close.
  • The unknown creates drama a stress.
  • Ask for comfort!

“Fill My Cup” J. Nelson

  • Acknowledge what you’re thirsty/hungry for.
  • Ask Him to fill your cup (plate) with those things.
  • “Lifting” it to Him says you’re giving it to Him to do.

“Capacity” J. Nelson

  • Increase my mind, spirit, world to receive a Your wisdom and blessings.
  • Stretch me so I can receive!
  • Work in me freely!
  • Erupt in my life!!!

“Yes He Will” F. Hammond

  • Believe to receive!
  • Evict fear.
  • Ask for the “impossible “.
  • If it’s too hard for you, He’ll do it!
  • He wants to save the day!!!