Let the Boy Jump

One afternoon, on an unlikely occasion, my son who was between 3 and 4 and I went shopping with our godmother. When out of nowhere he began jumping. He wasn’t jumping on things, from things, or anything like that. He was just jumping.

This was a new behavior for him. Since we were with the “god mom” there were only a few things I could do to try and stop him from jumping without getting the same in return. So I held his hand a little tighter, and pulled it gently in a downward direction (encouraging him to keep his feet still and “down”…on the ground). It was not working. He just kept jumping despite my physical suggestions and redirections.

Our godmother looked over at one point, turned her eyes back to what she was doing, and calmly said “That’s just what boys do.” I tried to play if off like I had no idea what she was referring to. She didn’t bat an eye or call me out any further. She ended it all simply by saying “Let the boy jump.” and carried on.

I let lose my grip and downward tug, and let him jump (while holding my hand of course) as we continued our shopping…and out the store to the car. This single moment was surely an important defying moment in my parenting.

I was concerned about several things in that moment: safety, what others would think of us, my ability to control my son when I felt necessary. The latter of these concerned me the most. What if he’s engaging in inappropriate behavior, and I was not able to gain control of my son in an instant? What kind of mother does that make me? Oh, no! My son is going to be rebellious and unruly!

Yes! I thought all of that in that moment. My heart was racing and was about to panic, all over some simple jumping; something that was causing no harm, making him smile, and keeping him engaged apparently since he wasn’t running around the store under clothing racks like I use to.

Often times we as parent (adults) inhibit behaviors that are innate to our children that are surely harmless all because we are worried/anxious about things that have little to nothing to do with them. That moment of anxiety was mostly about me. From that moment I committed to allowing my child to be a him at every stage.

I realize quickly that it was not my place to prevent him from doing what felt natural or fun. My job is to monitor all of his behaviors, and be sure that he knows when any behavior is not appropriate. With the jumping he knew not to jump through the church, school halls, onto or from things. And of for some reason he wanted to jump in public he had to hold my hand or stay very close to me.

Fast forward to 14.75years of age. Teen boys can be very odd: poking, teasing, pulling pranks, being obnoxious on purpose, extreme sarcasm, etc. It drives me crazy some days. I recently had to tell him that it’s not the behavior it’s when he chooses to do it. I encouraged him to not be a pest or a jerk (okay asshole…I told him not to be an asshole). He fully got what I was saying.

I don’t feel like I’m a better parent than others, or that I’m oh, so seasoned that a parent should listen to my advice, because I make mistakes (like the asshole thing…my mom is going to thump me. Sorry.). But if you want your child to have an enjoyable childhood “Let the boy jump.” I promise with the proper guidance it won’t hurt a thing. They deserve to be children. Give them guidelines and boundaries and both parties will survive.

There’s nothing that hurts my soul worse than seeing children with so many restrictions that they cannot enjoy their childhood. I can’t speculate about the behaviors that can arise from that later in life. But I’m certain there’s something to be said for those who weren’t allowed to “jump”.

So today, start to “Let the boy jump”. You may want to “jump” with them, and learn there’s a lot more to enjoy in this life.



Get Sidetracked

3 times I tried to attend my favorite yoga class: Sekoia at  Yoga On High. If you’ve never experienced it you should. When you do you’ll soon experience what I feel is the most comprehensive yoga practice. The class infuses intention, mudra, pranayama, and aromatherapy into asana practice (what most know as a traditional yoga practice). As a dancer I need all of my senses engage to have the best learning, spiritual, and sharing moments. Sekoia does this seamlessly for me in the most loving environment.

The first time I missed class i was pissed- As I made my way to class from a volunteer opportunity I sidetracked. I realized later I chose to be sidetracked. So i really should not be upset.

The second time was 2 weeks later. I registered, put it in my calendar, told my BF and son so there would be reason for wither to looking for me during that time. So when plans arose to take my son to meet his uncle from some family time away during my class I almost fainted. Thankfully we were able to arrange a time that accommodated my yoga schedule.

Well we pack up the car a smidge late and…the car won’t start. Like really? Really? Just Why?! How is this possible? Something told me to start my car when my BF was there. Oh, but Olivia doesn’t listen to herself, so of course she didn’t do that. That’s my new year’s resolution- listen to yourself.

I was disappointed. But not nearly as much as last time. I gave up a bit in my brain. But as I reviewed the week’s classes at YOHI, what did I discover but a Sekoia class on my last night off. That’s perfect, I thought! Obviously this is the class that I need to be in after 2 tries. So I register and post a jovial BUT VERY sincere prayer and notice to the universe to not interrupt my moment.

I got nervous my moment would be interrupted because my son was late for pick-up. But we made it home in time to organize his planner for the week, and for me to change, grab water, and stop by the laundromat. Too bad I left my keys in my BF’s car! Noooooo!no

I quickly set into blaming myself. Why? I told myself to put my keys in my purse but chose to do otherwise. (As you can see my new year’s resolution follow through stinks!) I started to sulk and even quicker flashed back to my meeting with Jasmine Grace in November. I distinctly heard her say “Everything happens for a reason.” https://youtu.be/B-W7HyiAu_M So I lifted my head and walked back in the house.

As I climbed the stairs my son says “Hey mom. I need your help.”, like I had never left. I walked into the bathroom and told him to meet me in my room. That he did, and we had a great study session over Acts 1-8 despite his/our dog acting a nut. He was running all over the house like there was an intruder; growling, barking like a banchee! I got unnerved really quick. But he trips when a cat walks past the door.

Then he sounded like he was dragging brown paper bag in my room. But where was he? Aw hell no! (I yelled really loud) That’s not William! That’s the creature in my ceiling that’s been trying to join us for breakfast for 2 weeks. He/She/It was trying to escape its world into mine..through the 3″ hole that’s been in my ceiling for 2 months. It was scratching so tough plaster was falling from the hole.

We quickly moved to action. I yelled some more and made a lot of noise so hopefully startle him away. I found some tape my step-dad left last winter, then cut up a cardboard box and a “green bag”, and we covered the hole pretty well.

As the boy and I stood admiring our work everything came full circle. Not that I have to know “why” all of the time, but I understood why and saw how me missing my class all worked out for our good.

  1. I got to spend time with my boy.
  2. I was able to help him study.
  3. We prevented the creature from entering our home.

If I went to yoga we would have had greater issues on our hands besides my hurt feelings.


Often times in life we are sidetracked by unexpected events. They can bring forth many feelings and concerns. When we are well intended and living on purpose we are quicker to accept that everything happens for a reason, and for our good. We have to discover ways to quickly let go of what we cannot control: car accident, failed experiment, burnt dinner, lost keys, tardy to school, cancelled plans and be fully present in the moment. They’re are far more important than those past, we can’t control, or seemingly missed.

Make a commitment to trust God, to trust the universe, and trust yourself. Together you’ll find the good in all things.

Om ShantiNamaste

Straight Outta LACKville 

Since June 15th abundance, increase, and overflow have been reintroduced into my life. This day it was declared that I deserve more and that I could do better. I was reminded again two days later, and then on Friday! I sincerely had NOT been living fully in that reality. It was a near epiphany! It spoke so loudly to me that I felt compelled to discuss it more.

So many messages I’ve read or heard since then have been about living in abundance not lack; not limiting or putting a cap on God. We do this by:

  1. Not asking for what we desire.
  2. Not having faith we will receive what we ask for.
  3. Preparing a Plan B just in case we don’t get what we ask for.
  4. Asking for a watered down version of what we desire.

I’m sure we all fall victim from time to time. I have.

I’ve tried to understand why we have faith in God for small things but not the deeper more intimate things of our lives. It’s clear that somewhere in life we are fashioned to not ask for too much…take just what you can get (see/are offered). Eventually this becomes part of our spiritual life, and we start putting a cap on God.

This makes it clear the difficulty with living in abundance! We often allow people around us to sell us Plan B when what we desire seems “too big” (ex. You need a new car: My brother is selling a car. Why don’t you just call him. You just filed bankruptcy. No bank is going to give you a quality loan. Plus you need to save.). Or someone tries convincing you your plight is something you must endure, and wait on God to take away when He’s ready (ex. You’re obviously sick for a reason. Just wait on God. He’ll heal you in due time.).

No! No! No! Christian friends! Two things will keep you from your blessings: not asking and not believing! If you want something ask for it and believe it is yours! There’s nothing too hard for God. He wants to perform miracles so He can get the glory. He’s compassionate and wants to give us the desires of our heart. Life isn’t out to get us or meant to be continuously troublesome! Yes we will have tests. So He’s given us all we need to pass. One of those skills is FAITH! If we don’t use it we will stay in LACKville. But we’re not meant to live there.

Don’t let others sucker you into believing you can’t have all you desire. If it’s not against His ordinances and ways (ie. sinful) He can and will grant it if we believe. There are dreams, hopes, businesses, books, programs, etc. lying dormant in so many because we simply don’t believe we can, or that God will (help us) bring it to fruition. Stand firm against people when they try to convince you otherwise. He did not intend for us to live off of scraps, fragments of blessings, or hand-me-down gifts.

To get out of LACKville you’ll have to unhook the trailer loaded with your previous thinking to take a sharp left turn down a new road that leads to ABUNDANCEville. It’s pretty easy until satan starts calling you about that old trailer. When he calls just tell him he can have all of that stuff you don’t need it anymore. Then block his number! You don’t need his distractions! You’ve got blessing to go get!

Encouragement 3.5 (Believe in Yourself)

As you know I am the mommie of a 9 year old boy. He is my little love bug. I love him to pieces & get excited when I see him grow as I have in the past few weeks.

He attends a private (Catholic) school & we have had some struggles the past 2 years. Last year it was behavior. This year it was “academics”. I started the year out informing his teachers that I am to know of any instances of concern immediately. I got my first call week 2 of the year. We addressed it head on and there has not been an issue since.

When his midterms came out I as disappointed because I had no idea Jo as having issues. We adjusted his seat in each class, eliminated a reading support session during the day because he was missing science class (which he was struggling in), and focused on math assistance.

At parent/teacher conferences I was not happy. No progress had been made & I was once again not aware. We discussed options. He was to be place on an academic intervention plan (not an IEP though). That did not happen on their own merit. I had to remind them, and then it was only for math. We added pre-school-day math tutoring to his mix & more focus on math at home.

SIDE NOTE- I warned at some point that I would include the Father of the school’s parish in our next meeting if I did not feel Jo was getting what he needed.

When I got his 2nd report card (no interim & no communication most of the term) I was livid because there was not much improvement. I called a meeting with his main subject teachers, the principal & the father. I laid down the law! My son’s option is to be successful, and theirs was to support him in accomplishing that. 1 teacher was irritated with me. I didn’t care. This wasn’t personal. This was for my baby!

Well I’m excited to report that he has turned the “academic” corner! I got a call from his math tutor today to inform me that “He’s getting it!”. Not only has he become confident in his math skills, but he also encouraging his classmates to “Believe in Yourself”.

This is major! He has built his self esteem and confidence with the encouragement of teachers, support staff, school administration & family. I am sure that he took some time to encourage himself as well, so he could do the same for others. If a little guy like him with the odds stacked against him can encourage others, so can we. So I encourage you tonight to call someone and encourage them to “Believe in Yourself”

Encouragement #3

This installment is about how do we encourage ourselves? When no one is are..when everyone seems like the enemy…late at night when the house is asleep…How do you lift yourself up? I had never really thought about it. But as I did I started thinking about what I do to keep my head up. A good number of my friends don’t think I have “bad” days. YEAH RIGHT!!! I fight every minute to be positive. It is a choice. I am very human. Things get under my skin; I get nervous, scared, down, & anxious. I choose to handle it differently.

At first I thought my self-treats (Starbucks, sushi, Pandora beads) & push through attitude were the answer to the question of how I encourage myself. But it’s not. As I listened to the next sermon in my encouragement series by Dr. David Jeremiah I realized what I “REALLY” do. He outlines it perfectly, and in fact the concepts are very simple. SOLITUDE. SCRIPTURE. SONG. That’s it! nothing more, please nothing less.

When the world is on your neck or you feel like you have been fighting way too much find yourself a place of solitude. It can be in plain sight or not. I get under several of the blankets my mommie made me. Sometimes I sit in the shower (while it’s on). Other times I drive to a park & sit in my car. When my son is at Boy Scouts I will sit in the church’s sanctuary & listen to Ms. Linda vacuum.

In 2000 I met a nice enough through my then bf girl that I called friend. Well I later found she was dirty & he was filthy. They began dating under my nose. He broke up with me 2 weeks before final’s week of my senior year at Bowling Green State University. I was devastated. My ex-bf, who I left this guy for, had to come to my aid, so did one of my mentors & one of my dearest friends, Cam.

As I muddled through the next weeks…months I found myself at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp as a Cabin Counselor/Dance Assistant. This camp was gorgeous! One day the kids had a “free day”. So they had the counselors scattered throughout the camp. My post was in the woods behind the dance studio. This was the worst post in my mind. Later I found it was the greatest place for me. No one came that way for hours. I was back there alone with my journal, a pen & a book by Iyanla Vanzant. I didn’t have a portable radio. So I only had the sounds of nature. Those hours alone in the woods made for my breaking point of the depression I had spiraled into.

This time in the woods was not just quiet. I had a “word” of encouragement with me. This is the second element to self-encouragement, SCRIPTURE. For those that are not religious don’t worry this can still apply to you. Arm your self with a book of affirmations. Iyanla Vanzant has many to choose from. I, of course, encourage you to pick-up the Bible first. Any version works, but find the one that speaks to you as you need. Go to those SCRIPTUREs/affirmations as you are in solitude. Meditate on a “word” that will pull you through. Post it in your office/home/car/phone to remind you that whatever that thing is, isn’t bigger than God or you, because He is on your side.

Then once you have found that place, & that word get yourself a SONG! I love music, so I have tons in my mental music arsenal! When Allie McBeal was on TV America just loved the theme music that played in her head. What’s your theme music? When you’re down, what music is playing in the background of your mind? Sometimes I wished there were word bubble above our heads so people could see what we we’re “listening to” in our minds. I always chuckle in the summer when I’m have a “cute day”. Because when my foot hits the porch *Brick House* instantly plays. LOL!!!

But seriously, I always have a song playing in my head, it’s no different when I’m pressed against the wall. The play list goes a little like this:

What’s yours?

Keeping yourself encouraged is fairly simple. Don’t waste your energy on negative thoughts or behaviors. Detach yourself from the issue & find SOLITUDE, even in a meeting (in your mind). This does not mean to run & hide from those that love you. You may have to take a few hours to yourself. Remember, you are going to need them when you come out of SOLITUDE! Once in your in that place meditate on a SCRIPTURE (affirmation) that will life you from that mental mess. Then sing a SONG. It doesn’t have to be gospel, religious or the-like. It should be positive & motivating to keep you going!

As I close I leave you with this, when we are down &/or out God should be our 1st go to person. If He doesn’t send someone to hold our hand, we have to hold our own. Go ahead do that right now & see what position your hands are in. Looks like you’re praying, huh 😉 Need I say anymore? Have a blessed day!

Encourage Yourself!

“Exercise Your Faith Muscles”

~Entry from Lenten Journal in 2009~

“Blessed is anyone who endures temptation. Such a one has stood the test and will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.” James 1:12 (NSRV)

At some point in every Christian’s life we will experience trials. These trials aren’t meant to break us. They’re meant to be opportunities to strengthen us by exercising our faith muscles. This scripture tells us that after the trial(s) we shall “receive the crown of life”. To receive this crown one must do more than just endure. We must endure with patience and joy! I’m sure you’re thinking that is easier said than done. But my life in 2009 is a testament to this …

Last year I lost my job, car, friends, and had to restart my battle with endometriosis. During those uncertain times there were many tears and questions. When I begin to ask why, I was quickly reminded of a documentary about queens of England, and they spoke about how heavy the coronation crown is and how a certain amount of strength is required to wear it.

The “crown of glory” is no different! In order to receive it and wear it with grace there is a certain level of strength required that only comes from the exercising of our faith muscles during tests and trials.

My major storm is calming and I am surely a stronger Christian because of it all. God has blessed me tremendously, and I’m certain it’s because my faith never wavered and my joy remained complete while I endured.

My question to you is “Are you strong enough for your crown?” If not, exercise your faith muscles!

Lord we thank you for thinking enough of us to let us endure life’s tests. Please grant us peace & joy while we endure. We praise You for the wonders You’re about to work in our lives.

For this we are thankful.


Make-up in the Car

When I was little it always made me nervous when my mommie put on your make-up in the car. I couldn’t quite figure out why she didn’t do at home. I always said…that won’t be me. Well a few years ago it became me, and I got it! She more than likely was up late for some reason and her 3 silly girls probably were all over the place that morning. There was no time for make-up in the bathroom.

As children we tend to declare quickly that we won’t be like our parents and we do all we can to stop it from happening. But the truth is we are a part of our parents…raised by them. So some things just can’t be erased. As we mature some of us continue to fight what’s innate (usually due to fear) while others embrace those

2 Timothy 1:5-7 reminds us that what lies within us is similar to those things of our ancestors, and fear of anything is not of God. Therefore, every time I put on my make-up in the car I am thankful for the beautiful mother I have and hope that one day I will be able to live up to the standard she has set for me, all the while praying that I don’t mess up my make-up or get in an accident. Lol!

Lord, I thank you for giving us awesome parents that taught us how lead our lives’ as Christ directs us to. I pray that we will be able to draw upon their teachings so that we can plant bountiful seeds in our children.

For this we are thankful!



Encouragement #2

Lesson #2 from The Joy of Encouragement is about hope. You see..when we are discouraged, for whatever reason, we tend to go through 3 phases within the discouragement; that brings about a need for hope. The phases are

  1. Doubt
  2. Disappointment
  3. Despair

When we expect something to happen in our lives we usually rev ourselves up. Depending on the level of importance we get so excited that we can’t sleep, eat, or work right. In our expectancy we also have a tendency to put an expectation date on the “hope at hand”. When/If it does not happen on the expectation date we may give it a little extra time. But when it still has not happened we start to doubt; ourselves, the person/persons involved in bringing that thing to life, etc.

This inevitably leads to disappointment. All that we had hoped for seems so far off. We are probably saddened. Then we start asking ourselves crazy questions like:

  • How could I have fallen for this again?
  • Why didn’t I see this coming?
  • I should have known better?
  • What was I thinking?

The list could surely go on. As it does the pity party usually starts. If this & the doubt go unresolved you will be in the midst of despair in no time; because we have lost hope. THIS IS A TERRIBLE PLACE TO BE!!! Depending on the “hope at hand” people around us could be questioning our logic & intuition about the situation. And #really, who likes to be questioned about their hopeful matters?

So how do you work your way out of this? (All together now) ENCOURAGEMENT! Very good!

When you’ve gone through the 3 phases of discouragement it takes a special process to get you through it. Encouragement through this will take a combination of what we discussed in Encouragement #1, dialogue & (personal) discovery. In the dialogue with a discouraged person you have to get them to tell you what they believed about the “hope at hand” & what they are thinking at that moment. There won’t be much need for you to comment. You need only ask questions that will lead them to the point of (personal) discovery that will trigger their restored hope in all things. Now if they ask you questions you should respond, but sans judgement.

I have been at this <a title=”Crossroads” href=”crossroad many a times with friends. It is very difficult to have nothing to say. (I love to talk. LOL!) But I’ve learned that when someone is at the point of despair nothing you say will change their mind. They have to see the light for themselves. It may take some time. But once they have digested everything & put some things into practice they will be revitalized & encouraged to move forward…to move out of that terrible place.

They still may not have the “hope at hand” but they will have a new outlook that brings hope; which encourages them to face future disappointments with a new heart. This may sound simple, and trust me sometimes it is. But this process has its nuisances. You have to discern what questions to ask & what thoughts to speak. Remember, some of this they will need to discover on their own.

No need to worry that you can’t do this.


We do it all the time with our children, especially as they mature. I can’t remember the last time I just gave my Jo the answer to a problem. I go through this process!

  1. I ask him pertinent questions.
  2. He may ask some in return. But I only answer some.
  3. He figures out the answer.
  4. Now he’s excited because he did it himself. So the next time he thinks he can’t he is encouraged by the last incident to try on his own first & to not lose heart too fast.

I use this method not only with my son & friends, but also with my participants at work. It seems to work well. Some people may get angry because you won’t tell them what to do. Others may be frustrated because you’re asking probing questions (that they may not want to answer). But 98% of the time it brings forth great results.

So I ENCOURAGE you to put this into practice in your life. What happens when you teach a person to fish vs. giving them the fish…Uh huh.. OKay!

Take care & *be encouraged*!!!

In Peace…

Encouragement #1

Lesson 1 from “The Joy of Encouragement” study is all about why we should encourage one another. I know it sounds simple. But when you look at the reasons why, it gives you a little more fuel to give it a sincere effort every day.

The number one reason for encouragement is that there is an urgent need in our society today; amidst the excessive turmoil that we witness daily through media or direct connection. No one is without the need for a kind word or gesture to remind them that they are doing a great job or that their hard work is worth it. Without such actions we could easily fall into more than a financial depression. What keeps us going beyond our faith is encouragement.

The second reason for encouragement is that it’s a high priority for God. If it’s important to Him, shouldn’t it be important to us. (I will not get into a spiritual or religious debate about this, but I am sure that this is true for all faiths. But of course for my purposes I am speaking of the Christian faith.) This is the underlying purpose of the Bible. The scriptures not only teach us how to live in harmony, but gives us hope that encourages us during the rough times. I don’t read my Bible as much as I should. But be certain that when my life is rough that is the first thing I pick-up. Just the thought of Job helps me check my doubting attitude! ‘Cuz listen…I could not do boils! A sistah would’ve been laid out, acting a fool! If he could endure that+the other madness I surely can handle my stuff! Then when I make it through my mess I can bear witness to others about how I made it through.

This is how the cycle/ripple effect happens! We go through some drama. We are encouraged by a person, song, scripture, sermon, book, card, (I could ramble on but I won’t. You get the point.) {Goofy smile}. We straighten up & fight through the mess. When we make it out we are relieved. Then we encounter someone who is going through the same thing. THIS IS NOT A <a title=”Ribbon in the Sky” href=”*COENCIDENCE OR A LUCKY CHANCE*!!! This is your opportunity to share your story & ENCOURAGE that person. Don’t miss out on the chance to help them out. They may not do anything you did, heed a single warning or listen to take your suggestions. I am certain that they will be encouraged though.

During my first year at COWIC I had a participant that was not able to get paid when she expected because she failed to complete her time sheets as required. Once I calmed her down I found out that she was most upset because she did not have the money to send her child on a field trip at school; which meant that he could not go to day care. This meant she would have to miss work. {Deep breath in & EXHALE} This was way too familiar. As I asked all the questions to try to help her work that problem out God smacked me and said “You better tell her your story.” So I did.

The girl started crying. But I heard her smiling & could tell she was at peace. She understood that it looks bad right now, but things will get better. Her baby boy may be upset today, but when he’s 6 he will have no memory of it. It also taught her a lesson of responsibility & accountability. I could not fix her issue. I was able to give her some encouragement that propelled her forward and kept her from spiraling out of control. These are the things that we need to do.

The word encouragement is a combination of the Greek words para (alongside) & kaleo (to call): parakaleo= to call alongside. That is what we are to do; cheer folks on as we walk beside them in life. Ya know..like cheerleaders do…from the sideline!

This is our greatest role as parents (family) & friends (co-workers). We have to encourage one another through drama & on to greatness. When we do, the person we encouraged will, & so on & so forth. Then we will have a world of encouraged people reaching to new heights that will affect each of us in a magnificent way.

Encouragement is not hard. Simply use the areas where you see others struggling & look for opportunities to encourage them in those areas. This isn’t about false affirmations! For example: my son struggles in math. When he does well on a test or homework I go over the top on the cheerleader role! When it’s consistent I may offer a treat at McDonalds or extra Netflix time. I have been known to leave a random “You Rock” post-it notes on a co-worker’s desk when I see them goin’ hard on the job. Or I may buy a friend some Starbucks when I know they were up late studying & had to wake early to do the mom thing. If you are strapped for cash, send a text/Tweet/FB/LinkedIN message. It doesn’t take much to help someone refuel.

So I challenge you all to encourage at least 1 person each day for week. Take note of what happens around you, & report back what you saw. You’re sure to find joy as you encourage others!

Take care & <a title=”Be Encouraged ” href=”*BE ENCOURAGED*!!!

In Peace,



Encouragement #0

Last summer I heard part of a sermon by David Jeremiah
about encouragement. I was running late for work & wound up staying in my car 10 more minutes to hear the rest. I was so moved that I bought the series which includes a 10 disc cd set, a study guide & a book. I got it all for $35!!! I don’t normally do this type of thing.

I tried starting the study when I received everything but I kept finding excuses. I finally restarted the study yesterday. Rev. Jeremiah is such a great teacher. I have a hard time stopping to complete the study guide & process the information. If you like what I share please go to his website: http://www.davidjeremiah.org and order it for yourself (The Joy of Encouragement).

As you might gather, I love to help others & encourage them to their greatness. You will also find that I do my best to find the lesson & joy in all things. Nothing is so awful that your joy or peace should be disturbed.

This is why the series by Rev. Jeremiah was so intriguing to me. I work with young people that think the world is out to get them. I want them to know some people might be, BUT “You can be successful despite that!”. You may have to fight and lose sleep BUT “You will be successful!”.

I also have friends that let silly stuff keep them from excelling. So I thought it not robbery to purchase the stuff & use it to better my approach. I’ve gotten through 2 lessons. I’m looking forward to sharing this with you. I hope it encourages you to not only encourage others but to dive deeper into your everyday ministries!

Stay tuned & stay ENCOURAGED!

In Peace,