Declutter to Prayers: Intro

This week I had a rough day. But I forced myself to get up and do some decluttering around my home. There really is not much. But I figured every little bit counts, and opens space for more blessings and positive energy.

After putting away my Christmas tree (Yes. I know is April.) and decorations I went to my bookshelf. I came across a notebook full of meeting notes from a fantastic job I held for 3 years here in Columbus, Ohio. As I leafed through it I found several prayers I had written for a prayer fast that I was doing. After reading them I am more amazed at God’s grace and favor. So, I debated about sharing them.

I have a way of keeping to myself; thoughts, beliefs, opinions, hopes, aspirations, joys, lows…my life I guess. I don’t really mean to. But I learned at an early age that many people don’t want to hear what I have to say. I believe that our society discredits young people, assuming that a younger age equates to less knowledge. So, I have held things back over the years.

But I have decided to go’on ahead and be all of me out loud…on purpose! So, I am going to share these prayers with the world. The awesome thing is that you all can use them too. You’ll see in some of them how they are fitting even today.


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