Get Sidetracked

3 times I tried to attend my favorite yoga class: Sekoia at  Yoga On High. If you’ve never experienced it you should. When you do you’ll soon experience what I feel is the most comprehensive yoga practice. The class infuses intention, mudra, pranayama, and aromatherapy into asana practice (what most know as a traditional yoga practice). As a dancer I need all of my senses engage to have the best learning, spiritual, and sharing moments. Sekoia does this seamlessly for me in the most loving environment.

The first time I missed class i was pissed- As I made my way to class from a volunteer opportunity I sidetracked. I realized later I chose to be sidetracked. So i really should not be upset.

The second time was 2 weeks later. I registered, put it in my calendar, told my BF and son so there would be reason for wither to looking for me during that time. So when plans arose to take my son to meet his uncle from some family time away during my class I almost fainted. Thankfully we were able to arrange a time that accommodated my yoga schedule.

Well we pack up the car a smidge late and…the car won’t start. Like really? Really? Just Why?! How is this possible? Something told me to start my car when my BF was there. Oh, but Olivia doesn’t listen to herself, so of course she didn’t do that. That’s my new year’s resolution- listen to yourself.

I was disappointed. But not nearly as much as last time. I gave up a bit in my brain. But as I reviewed the week’s classes at YOHI, what did I discover but a Sekoia class on my last night off. That’s perfect, I thought! Obviously this is the class that I need to be in after 2 tries. So I register and post a jovial BUT VERY sincere prayer and notice to the universe to not interrupt my moment.

I got nervous my moment would be interrupted because my son was late for pick-up. But we made it home in time to organize his planner for the week, and for me to change, grab water, and stop by the laundromat. Too bad I left my keys in my BF’s car! Noooooo!no

I quickly set into blaming myself. Why? I told myself to put my keys in my purse but chose to do otherwise. (As you can see my new year’s resolution follow through stinks!) I started to sulk and even quicker flashed back to my meeting with Jasmine Grace in November. I distinctly heard her say “Everything happens for a reason.” So I lifted my head and walked back in the house.

As I climbed the stairs my son says “Hey mom. I need your help.”, like I had never left. I walked into the bathroom and told him to meet me in my room. That he did, and we had a great study session over Acts 1-8 despite his/our dog acting a nut. He was running all over the house like there was an intruder; growling, barking like a banchee! I got unnerved really quick. But he trips when a cat walks past the door.

Then he sounded like he was dragging brown paper bag in my room. But where was he? Aw hell no! (I yelled really loud) That’s not William! That’s the creature in my ceiling that’s been trying to join us for breakfast for 2 weeks. He/She/It was trying to escape its world into mine..through the 3″ hole that’s been in my ceiling for 2 months. It was scratching so tough plaster was falling from the hole.

We quickly moved to action. I yelled some more and made a lot of noise so hopefully startle him away. I found some tape my step-dad left last winter, then cut up a cardboard box and a “green bag”, and we covered the hole pretty well.

As the boy and I stood admiring our work everything came full circle. Not that I have to know “why” all of the time, but I understood why and saw how me missing my class all worked out for our good.

  1. I got to spend time with my boy.
  2. I was able to help him study.
  3. We prevented the creature from entering our home.

If I went to yoga we would have had greater issues on our hands besides my hurt feelings.


Often times in life we are sidetracked by unexpected events. They can bring forth many feelings and concerns. When we are well intended and living on purpose we are quicker to accept that everything happens for a reason, and for our good. We have to discover ways to quickly let go of what we cannot control: car accident, failed experiment, burnt dinner, lost keys, tardy to school, cancelled plans and be fully present in the moment. They’re are far more important than those past, we can’t control, or seemingly missed.

Make a commitment to trust God, to trust the universe, and trust yourself. Together you’ll find the good in all things.

Om ShantiNamaste


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