The Golden Ticket

I really love to write. I used to hate it in high school. My friend Jamie (from high school) was so great at it. She always helped me make sense of it all. When we went to college I declared I’d be “better than her” one day (iron sharpens iron…I really just wanted to be as good as her if possible.) Our insanely (brilliant) Senior Writing teacher Dr. Repko had given us rubrics throughout the year, and told us to keep them for college. Jamie and I were 2 of the “crazies” that kept them.

When I got to college I remember my first writing assignment. I was so scared and nervous. My first thought was “Call Jamie!” But I didn’t. I had my rubric. I remember thinking that my friends would laugh at me if they knew what I was doing. Then…I knew my classmates would laugh too if they knew I was using some high school rubric to write this paper. But I did anyway.

When our assignments were returned I had built a few relationships in class. So when I received my paper they were asking about my grade. I had an ‘A’! Say what?! They asked “How’d you do that?” They were sincerely intrigued and wanting help. So I pulled out my rubric and showed them. It was like I had the *Golden Ticket*! You should have seen their faces! They created such a buzz that other students came to see what the fuss was about.

I had people asking to copy it by hand or if I’d Xerox it for them (This was 1996. So we said Xerox back then.)! It was quite a sight to see. I was more than entertained. For a moment I had no intention of sharing my *Golden Ticket* with anyone. But then I thought, what if Dr. Repko never shared it with me? What if Jamie never helped me. What if…I was them?Needless to say after class there were quite a few of us in the English Department library getting our Xerox on!

Because I was so quick to be helpful I never really focused on my previous thought not to. Too often these days folks don’t want to share the *Golden Tickets * they have. I promise sharing insights will NOT take anything away from you. Who cares if you don’t get any credit (on earth) for the other person’s success because of “your” *Golden Ticket*. Truth is, all you have belongs to God, and is meant to bless all of His people, not just you.

I firmly believe my sharing that day opened the channel from heaven for my continuous flow of blessings in the area of writing. I’ve been published 4x. I’m sought after to assist with proposal writing and editing. I was well-known in college for resume writing, and producing amazing cover letters. And what’s next for me is so awesome I’m not allowed to say it!

So please don’t block your blessings. Go on and share your *Golden Tickets*!!!


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