Straight Outta LACKville 

Since June 15th abundance, increase, and overflow have been reintroduced into my life. This day it was declared that I deserve more and that I could do better. I was reminded again two days later, and then on Friday! I sincerely had NOT been living fully in that reality. It was a near epiphany! It spoke so loudly to me that I felt compelled to discuss it more.

So many messages I’ve read or heard since then have been about living in abundance not lack; not limiting or putting a cap on God. We do this by:

  1. Not asking for what we desire.
  2. Not having faith we will receive what we ask for.
  3. Preparing a Plan B just in case we don’t get what we ask for.
  4. Asking for a watered down version of what we desire.

I’m sure we all fall victim from time to time. I have.

I’ve tried to understand why we have faith in God for small things but not the deeper more intimate things of our lives. It’s clear that somewhere in life we are fashioned to not ask for too much…take just what you can get (see/are offered). Eventually this becomes part of our spiritual life, and we start putting a cap on God.

This makes it clear the difficulty with living in abundance! We often allow people around us to sell us Plan B when what we desire seems “too big” (ex. You need a new car: My brother is selling a car. Why don’t you just call him. You just filed bankruptcy. No bank is going to give you a quality loan. Plus you need to save.). Or someone tries convincing you your plight is something you must endure, and wait on God to take away when He’s ready (ex. You’re obviously sick for a reason. Just wait on God. He’ll heal you in due time.).

No! No! No! Christian friends! Two things will keep you from your blessings: not asking and not believing! If you want something ask for it and believe it is yours! There’s nothing too hard for God. He wants to perform miracles so He can get the glory. He’s compassionate and wants to give us the desires of our heart. Life isn’t out to get us or meant to be continuously troublesome! Yes we will have tests. So He’s given us all we need to pass. One of those skills is FAITH! If we don’t use it we will stay in LACKville. But we’re not meant to live there.

Don’t let others sucker you into believing you can’t have all you desire. If it’s not against His ordinances and ways (ie. sinful) He can and will grant it if we believe. There are dreams, hopes, businesses, books, programs, etc. lying dormant in so many because we simply don’t believe we can, or that God will (help us) bring it to fruition. Stand firm against people when they try to convince you otherwise. He did not intend for us to live off of scraps, fragments of blessings, or hand-me-down gifts.

To get out of LACKville you’ll have to unhook the trailer loaded with your previous thinking to take a sharp left turn down a new road that leads to ABUNDANCEville. It’s pretty easy until satan starts calling you about that old trailer. When he calls just tell him he can have all of that stuff you don’t need it anymore. Then block his number! You don’t need his distractions! You’ve got blessing to go get!


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