Changing Worship to Prayer

I’ve been on a deep search for almost 1 year! It started with me trying to adjust how people perceive me. It slowly lead me down an amazing path of self discovery, discipline, wisdom, strength, and enlightenment. Yeah! That’s a lot!

I haven’t been perfect in this process. Old habits are hard to break and new ones are harder to create. It’s been tough some days. Some days have been harder than others. But I’ve kept fighting. The hardest have been when I’ve had to change my thinking or recognized significant errors I’ve made.

Last week I realized I wasn’t truly embodying the things I sang in praise and worship for the things I desired the most. That was rough! I mean I know all the words. I know what the words mean. But I was just singing to God. Now yes that’s important. But He gave us the songs to praise Him AS WELL AS encourage and teach us how to “live”.

I was singing to Jesus; just as happy or humbled, giving thanks for His word. But I wasn’t pulling from it lessons to apply to my most intimate of circumstances. (#dontjudge) I was little disturbed. It came from a lack of faith. I thought “He’s not talking to me. Lord whoever this is for make sure they are open to hearing from You!” LOL! I know! Funny I was talking about myself!

I’ve been saved for nearly 25 years! How in the world is this possible? What have I been doing with my life?! God shut me up and told me not to worry about that…get to doing it right, and that I did.

There are 7 songs in particular on my Morning Worship playlist that have always moved me deeply. When I went back to listen to them I was hollering in the car on the freeway! Below I’ve listed them with key insights from the songs I pray you’ll too use to speak to your situations! Amen!

“Our Father” F. Hammond

  • Because He’s our father we have special level of blessings (an inheritance).
  • His love is so awesome it too goes beyond what we dream.

“Say a Prayer” D. Lawrence 

  • When we ask Him to pray for us hat doesn’t mean we don’t pray for ourselves.
  • Ask Him to pray for your needs and protect you gifts.
  • I have all I need to get through the storm.

“Show Me Your Face” F. Hammond

  • Seek Him.
  • Ask to see His face, make Himself visible in the blessing you asked for when sent.
  • Get close to Him.
  • Admit your errors (Job).
  • Be persistent.
  • Ask Him to remove the mess/brokenness in your life. (It’s not always us!)
  • Ask Him to bombard you with His presence.

“It’s Only the Comforter” F. Hammond

  • His comfort will come from nowhere.
  • Onlookers will be confused by our peace.
  • Don’t let the peace scare you! Receive it knowing you’re on one accord with Him. (Obviously!)
  • That’s when the blessing is close.
  • The unknown creates drama a stress.
  • Ask for comfort!

“Fill My Cup” J. Nelson

  • Acknowledge what you’re thirsty/hungry for.
  • Ask Him to fill your cup (plate) with those things.
  • “Lifting” it to Him says you’re giving it to Him to do.

“Capacity” J. Nelson

  • Increase my mind, spirit, world to receive a Your wisdom and blessings.
  • Stretch me so I can receive!
  • Work in me freely!
  • Erupt in my life!!!

“Yes He Will” F. Hammond

  • Believe to receive!
  • Evict fear.
  • Ask for the “impossible “.
  • If it’s too hard for you, He’ll do it!
  • He wants to save the day!!!

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