Networking v. Notworking

The past 11 months of my life have been filled with many highs and lows. I am thankful for each and everyone one of them. As much as I like to have control; I admit that I’ve had none over my life during this time. It’s all been God. Every move, change, shift, redirection, connection, and reconnection have been orchestrated by Him. The most recent one has me at a very humbled and joyous spot in my life/walk.

In 2010 I first learned of Transit Arts here in Columbus, Ohio through a co-worker at COWIC. When I did my research, I remember thinking: Ughh! Why can’t I be part of something like that? Ugh! Lord I can do that! Well He checked me really quick. Back then my first move would have been to figure out some way to connect with them. This time, I took the backseat and allowed God to drive.

Over the years I saw Transit Arts in the news, on social media…moving across our city spreading the creative love. I still didn’t reach out. It was always so strange that I could never make it to any of their events. So I just admired from afar. The closest I came was to “connecting” with the director on Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn.

As summer drew near I had no true prospects for quality summer employment. Several opportunities fell through. But I didn’t fret. I called several places, made a Craigslist post, sent out my resume, tried utilizing my connections…and so on. The last call I made was to Central Community House to see if they were still hiring for their summer camp. When I did not get a call back I checked their website…still nothing.

But God said to me: Send them your resume via email. Well, I was hesitant. Their website with youth programming information highlighted Transit Arts as well. But I was not daring to go there. I knew Jackie was very particular, and has a sound team. So, I just submitted my resume for the summer camp.

To my surprise they wanted to forward my resume to Jackie! I was flattered at the thought. To my greater surprise Jackie wanted to meet with me the following day, and of course I agreed.

Our interview was very organic and fluid. Even though I felt confident I was nervous. Well! I got the job! The position as a Summer WFD Program Manager combines my knowledge in the arts and WFD. I could not have planned this connection better than God.

I always say that He is so much smarter than me. Some people think I am being “tongue and cheek”, but I’m very serious. I cannot compare to Him. So I do my best to stay out of the way. This is not easy, especially when you are really passionate about something. But we have to have faith and trust that He will take care of us.

I do not know where this road will lead me. But I know that it will be one of endless opportunity for me. I am so thankful that God knows better than me. This gives me extra faith to believe and trust Him for the desires that are nearest to my soul. The plan is for me to have those things with no issues or misfortunes.


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