Prayer 1.0

It has been 9 months since I have posted anything. I have been through some major life transitions in this time. I was working on me. So I was not in the best position to inspire others.

Over the last 9 months I was under severe stress at my job,  handling matters of my heart, got the most amazing  dance job, had to transition homes, and managing major health concerns. Through all of this there was one thing that kept me afloat.


There was not a single moment in the day during my hiatus that I was not praying about whatever situation I had at hand. It was not always easy. Sometimes people think that praying is easy to do. Well…that’s partially true.

Payers can be as simple or elaborate as you choose. First give thanks for what God has done. Let Him know how you love and appreciate His work in your life.  Then ask for forgiveness for what you have done. After that proceed with you your request…with faith. Here inlies the difficulty in prayer.

When we make supplications to God for ourselves or on anothers’ behalf we have to do so BELIEVING that He will do just what we asked. If we don’t have faith He has no reason (in my eyes) to grant you your request. I struggle with this often when it comes to prayers for me.

I find from time to time that I cannot even begin the prayer because I don’t believe He will give me what I’m about to ask for. I tell myself, “Naw, He won’t do that for me” or “That’s silly. He will think I’m crazy.” Usually in moments like this I talk myself out of it and He quickly whispers in my ear or yells in my face “GIRL PRAY & BELIEVE!!!”

I am right now, as I type, amidst such a similar prayer test. There is something that I need and I want in my life. I have prayed about it before and nothing. I will admit i recently gave up. I had myself fully convinced that this was the best thing to do. So I stopped praying (for what I need and want so desparately). YES! I stopped praying! I went 2 days without praying about this thing. My faith was gone and I was tired of not getting a response.

Last night as I was contimplating things and possibly praying about it again God spoke to me, “What happened last time you prayed and believed.” Well the answer to that was/is- He gave me what I asked for with His quickening spirit and surpassed my expectations. So…I went in with Jesus and asked for part what I need/want. Nope, not all…just part. My faith still was smaller than a grain of mustard seed. But I did it with that much and moved on with my night.

This morning was trying for me. As I was on my way to work I heard the tail end of a sermon by my radio pastor, David Jeremiah, about PRAYER! He preached what I needed to hear and what I have taught in Sunday school lessons in the past. Here it goes:

When you pray you must do so believing that He will bless you with your request(s). You must have faith; steadfast faith. It must not waiver or change. If you don’t believe you won’t receive.

Once you have the faith for your prayer you must do so (pray)continuously with out ceasing. You cannot stop praying!!! Let me repeat that..YOU CANNOT STOP PRAYING!!! If you do He won’t think you want it anymore. He’s your Heavenly Father, so why would you be any different with him than with your parent(s). Ya’ know when you were a kid and you would keep asking your parents for something until they gave it to you or told you weren’t getting it? God is no different. So don’t stop praying.

Man did I need to hear these words. So as I prepare to go into Supreme Prayer Warrior mode I encourage you to do the same. Pray without ceasing and with faith. He is able to above all we can ask or imagine! #LEHGO


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