Encouragement 3.5 (Believe in Yourself)

As you know I am the mommie of a 9 year old boy. He is my little love bug. I love him to pieces & get excited when I see him grow as I have in the past few weeks.

He attends a private (Catholic) school & we have had some struggles the past 2 years. Last year it was behavior. This year it was “academics”. I started the year out informing his teachers that I am to know of any instances of concern immediately. I got my first call week 2 of the year. We addressed it head on and there has not been an issue since.

When his midterms came out I as disappointed because I had no idea Jo as having issues. We adjusted his seat in each class, eliminated a reading support session during the day because he was missing science class (which he was struggling in), and focused on math assistance.

At parent/teacher conferences I was not happy. No progress had been made & I was once again not aware. We discussed options. He was to be place on an academic intervention plan (not an IEP though). That did not happen on their own merit. I had to remind them, and then it was only for math. We added pre-school-day math tutoring to his mix & more focus on math at home.

SIDE NOTE- I warned at some point that I would include the Father of the school’s parish in our next meeting if I did not feel Jo was getting what he needed.

When I got his 2nd report card (no interim & no communication most of the term) I was livid because there was not much improvement. I called a meeting with his main subject teachers, the principal & the father. I laid down the law! My son’s option is to be successful, and theirs was to support him in accomplishing that. 1 teacher was irritated with me. I didn’t care. This wasn’t personal. This was for my baby!

Well I’m excited to report that he has turned the “academic” corner! I got a call from his math tutor today to inform me that “He’s getting it!”. Not only has he become confident in his math skills, but he also encouraging his classmates to “Believe in Yourself”.

This is major! He has built his self esteem and confidence with the encouragement of teachers, support staff, school administration & family. I am sure that he took some time to encourage himself as well, so he could do the same for others. If a little guy like him with the odds stacked against him can encourage others, so can we. So I encourage you tonight to call someone and encourage them to “Believe in Yourself”


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