“Exercise Your Faith Muscles”

~Entry from Lenten Journal in 2009~

“Blessed is anyone who endures temptation. Such a one has stood the test and will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.” James 1:12 (NSRV)

At some point in every Christian’s life we will experience trials. These trials aren’t meant to break us. They’re meant to be opportunities to strengthen us by exercising our faith muscles. This scripture tells us that after the trial(s) we shall “receive the crown of life”. To receive this crown one must do more than just endure. We must endure with patience and joy! I’m sure you’re thinking that is easier said than done. But my life in 2009 is a testament to this …

Last year I lost my job, car, friends, and had to restart my battle with endometriosis. During those uncertain times there were many tears and questions. When I begin to ask why, I was quickly reminded of a documentary about queens of England, and they spoke about how heavy the coronation crown is and how a certain amount of strength is required to wear it.

The “crown of glory” is no different! In order to receive it and wear it with grace there is a certain level of strength required that only comes from the exercising of our faith muscles during tests and trials.

My major storm is calming and I am surely a stronger Christian because of it all. God has blessed me tremendously, and I’m certain it’s because my faith never wavered and my joy remained complete while I endured.

My question to you is “Are you strong enough for your crown?” If not, exercise your faith muscles!

Lord we thank you for thinking enough of us to let us endure life’s tests. Please grant us peace & joy while we endure. We praise You for the wonders You’re about to work in our lives.

For this we are thankful.



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