Encouragement #1

Lesson 1 from “The Joy of Encouragement” study is all about why we should encourage one another. I know it sounds simple. But when you look at the reasons why, it gives you a little more fuel to give it a sincere effort every day.

The number one reason for encouragement is that there is an urgent need in our society today; amidst the excessive turmoil that we witness daily through media or direct connection. No one is without the need for a kind word or gesture to remind them that they are doing a great job or that their hard work is worth it. Without such actions we could easily fall into more than a financial depression. What keeps us going beyond our faith is encouragement.

The second reason for encouragement is that it’s a high priority for God. If it’s important to Him, shouldn’t it be important to us. (I will not get into a spiritual or religious debate about this, but I am sure that this is true for all faiths. But of course for my purposes I am speaking of the Christian faith.) This is the underlying purpose of the Bible. The scriptures not only teach us how to live in harmony, but gives us hope that encourages us during the rough times. I don’t read my Bible as much as I should. But be certain that when my life is rough that is the first thing I pick-up. Just the thought of Job helps me check my doubting attitude! ‘Cuz listen…I could not do boils! A sistah would’ve been laid out, acting a fool! If he could endure that+the other madness I surely can handle my stuff! Then when I make it through my mess I can bear witness to others about how I made it through.

This is how the cycle/ripple effect happens! We go through some drama. We are encouraged by a person, song, scripture, sermon, book, card, (I could ramble on but I won’t. You get the point.) {Goofy smile}. We straighten up & fight through the mess. When we make it out we are relieved. Then we encounter someone who is going through the same thing. THIS IS NOT A <a title=”Ribbon in the Sky” href=”*COENCIDENCE OR A LUCKY CHANCE*!!! This is your opportunity to share your story & ENCOURAGE that person. Don’t miss out on the chance to help them out. They may not do anything you did, heed a single warning or listen to take your suggestions. I am certain that they will be encouraged though.

During my first year at COWIC I had a participant that was not able to get paid when she expected because she failed to complete her time sheets as required. Once I calmed her down I found out that she was most upset because she did not have the money to send her child on a field trip at school; which meant that he could not go to day care. This meant she would have to miss work. {Deep breath in & EXHALE} This was way too familiar. As I asked all the questions to try to help her work that problem out God smacked me and said “You better tell her your story.” So I did.

The girl started crying. But I heard her smiling & could tell she was at peace. She understood that it looks bad right now, but things will get better. Her baby boy may be upset today, but when he’s 6 he will have no memory of it. It also taught her a lesson of responsibility & accountability. I could not fix her issue. I was able to give her some encouragement that propelled her forward and kept her from spiraling out of control. These are the things that we need to do.

The word encouragement is a combination of the Greek words para (alongside) & kaleo (to call): parakaleo= to call alongside. That is what we are to do; cheer folks on as we walk beside them in life. Ya know..like cheerleaders do…from the sideline!

This is our greatest role as parents (family) & friends (co-workers). We have to encourage one another through drama & on to greatness. When we do, the person we encouraged will, & so on & so forth. Then we will have a world of encouraged people reaching to new heights that will affect each of us in a magnificent way.

Encouragement is not hard. Simply use the areas where you see others struggling & look for opportunities to encourage them in those areas. This isn’t about false affirmations! For example: my son struggles in math. When he does well on a test or homework I go over the top on the cheerleader role! When it’s consistent I may offer a treat at McDonalds or extra Netflix time. I have been known to leave a random “You Rock” post-it notes on a co-worker’s desk when I see them goin’ hard on the job. Or I may buy a friend some Starbucks when I know they were up late studying & had to wake early to do the mom thing. If you are strapped for cash, send a text/Tweet/FB/LinkedIN message. It doesn’t take much to help someone refuel.

So I challenge you all to encourage at least 1 person each day for week. Take note of what happens around you, & report back what you saw. You’re sure to find joy as you encourage others!

Take care & <a title=”Be Encouraged ” href=”*BE ENCOURAGED*!!!

In Peace,




3 thoughts on “Encouragement #1

  1. Tim Harpe says:

    Well said!!!! As someone responsible for leading people on a daily basis I can honestly say this is one of the most important things I do. People want to do well and want to know they’re not the only person in the world going through “stuff.” When they understand we all share the same struggles they’re able to focus on being better!!!!

  2. oliviabusyby says:

    Thanks to the both of you!

    Tim I agree 100%. I hope you will share this with others and let me know how your week of encouragement goes!

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