Encouragement #0

Last summer I heard part of a sermon by David Jeremiah
about encouragement. I was running late for work & wound up staying in my car 10 more minutes to hear the rest. I was so moved that I bought the series which includes a 10 disc cd set, a study guide & a book. I got it all for $35!!! I don’t normally do this type of thing.

I tried starting the study when I received everything but I kept finding excuses. I finally restarted the study yesterday. Rev. Jeremiah is such a great teacher. I have a hard time stopping to complete the study guide & process the information. If you like what I share please go to his website: http://www.davidjeremiah.org and order it for yourself (The Joy of Encouragement).

As you might gather, I love to help others & encourage them to their greatness. You will also find that I do my best to find the lesson & joy in all things. Nothing is so awful that your joy or peace should be disturbed.

This is why the series by Rev. Jeremiah was so intriguing to me. I work with young people that think the world is out to get them. I want them to know some people might be, BUT “You can be successful despite that!”. You may have to fight and lose sleep BUT “You will be successful!”.

I also have friends that let silly stuff keep them from excelling. So I thought it not robbery to purchase the stuff & use it to better my approach. I’ve gotten through 2 lessons. I’m looking forward to sharing this with you. I hope it encourages you to not only encourage others but to dive deeper into your everyday ministries!

Stay tuned & stay ENCOURAGED!

In Peace,


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