Peace Like a River

*Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say…it is well! It is well, with my soul!*

I have been through a lot (pun intended) this year. In each and every circumstance I have remained at peace because I knew that the Lord would take care of me. He may not have done what I wanted when I wanted, but He did what I needed when I needed it. He always knows what is best for me. I am not too good to admit that He has to knock me on my behind for me to get out of His way. I’m just that stubborn sometimes.

Some years ago I was told that I need to be sweeter. I was offended for a few years, but I quickly, okay not so quickly, got over myself. Then I decided to be all of who I am…all of who I used to be before I was bruised by life (i.e. men, j/k). As I began to work on me being sw33ter I began to dig into the meaning of my name that I used to hate, Olivia. I always knew that my name meant “to extend an olive branch,” but what does that really mean? Peace! That’s what it means!

So from that moment on I declared to be what my name means. S/N: I also found  my name in the urban dictionary and it means-

1. A beautiful wonderful hearted girl. Wonderful to talk to. 2. Always there for someone, great person. Absolutely FUN. An AMAZING name. Also a good adjective for any girl who is gorgeous, smart, funny, talented, loving, loved, and fabulous in general.

We can talk about that other stuff later. Let’s stick to “peace” for now…This declaration meant that not matter what was going on underneath the Tahari suit I would be calm, cool & collected…at peace. I promised myself and God that I would do my best to have peace even while darts flew at me and the enemy tried to devour my flesh. I will admit this is not easy, but I can do all things through Christ.

I remember when my car was stolen Mye sister was so distraught; same thing for my co-workers when my brand new car was rear-ended. I went about my day as though nothing happened. I leaned on God and allowed Him to work. It just always baffles me that those around me are more dismantled about my situation than I am. The best is when folks who have wronged me are taken back by my peaceful spirit to their “niggativity” (KRS-1). They know they were wrong, so they’re expecting me to react as wrong as they did me. Sorry! Your bad! I do not have that to do. I need to be about my Daddy’s business and act accordingly at all times.

I know that it is not easy at first, but try taking the Olivia (Peace) Challenge and see how God works in your life. He can do anything but fail. So, when we are at peace with the fact that His way is the best, even when it seems unbearable,  we can step aside and watch Him do some amazing things.

Try Olivia…I mean PEACE!


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