Speak Life

“Olivia’s Life Lesson #62: Speak positive. Think positive. Or don’t…It’s (negativity) far more damaging than you realize. When you put mess in the atmosphere it grows legs & walks into your life. This goes for your life & those you care for.”

{Clears throat}
People probably won’t like this…

Above was my post on Face Book today. It came after long contemplation & weeks of people saying & thinking negative thoughts about a male interest. There was no reason for anyone to think poorly of him. He approached me properly & governed himself accordingly.

When I met him I didn’t tell too many people because folks don’t know how to be happy for others. Especially folks who aren’t happy with themselves. In all of this only 3 people were happy for me & spoke positive about him/us.

The others said negative things, made sarcastic comments & gave questionable looks. I was told twice I needed to lower my standards & maybe my relationships would work out. Each time I spoke the positive back. But those people still had nothing positive to say. They usually said “I don’t know :\ we’ll see.” or “I’m sure there’s something wrong with him.”

Who does this? Haters, earth disturbers! That’s who!!! I didn’t think too much of it until things started to change with he & I. They put all that mess in the atmosphere & it all grew 4 legs as a beast and entered our world with the intent to destroy us. I must admit I didn’t pray the covering over us as much as I should have. That was my error.

But it goes to show that you can’t share your happiness with everyone. I tend to keep that to me because like I said people don’t know how to be happy for others. Some misconstrue this as me being secretive. But it’s more like protective.

My blessings are mine while yours are yours. I get excited when you’re blessed because it affirms that He’s still doing great things & mine is coming soon! Jealousy ain’t a good look ladies & gentlemen.

Your mind & mouth are powerful. Life & death lie there. What you think & speak so shall you be. Transform those thoughts/words & all you are a part of will be renewed. You can’t expect change in your world if you’re still speaking negative!

We should to be more mindful & careful in our thoughts & conversations. We can damage not only our world but that of those around us too. I’m working on forgiving the nay-sayers. I’m saddened that I just realized how folks have poisoned so many other situations in my life. If it were prophetic I’d be okay with it. But it was all jealousy & hate. That’s the part that hurt most.

I hope people learn quickly on this one. As a friend, yes be honest. But if God didn’t tell you to say it, no harm is being done, people are happy & at peace- Speak positive. Think positive. Or don’t… It’s so simple.

*In Peace*


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