Pray on Purpose

Prayer is a vital part of our relationship with God. It doesn’t have to be eloquent & full of fluff-n-stuff. But we should be purposeful in our prayers. Give thought & consideration to the requests you make unto God. Our preparation has a bearing on how He will respond. If you show little to no effort He will consider that as He blesses.

This is not solely for Him but to also remind us of His attributes so we can have faith in the receipt of what we are requesting. He wants to bless us! Just as we’re expecting greatness from Him so is He in us, in our prayers. As consumers we here the phrase “Presentation is everything.” Most of us don’t like to shop in dirty stores, eat a $40 dinner that looks sloppy or respond well to short, snappy unprepared requests. I’m sure God feels the same.

So pray on purpose! Take a moment to clear your mind, prepare your words, be humble, open & thorough; being sure to give Him His just praise & thanks for what’s already been done, before we come with additional requests. The better the clarity, the better He can understand & move forward with your request. Most of us are impatient. So don’t give Him a reason to have to delay in His response.

“Can I get some help?” doesn’t speak to the exact need/desire you’re making a request for. We have multiple needs. If we don’t pray on purpose He’ll choose for you what He will address or He may just wait until you give Him more information. Closed mouths=hungry tummies.

So please pray on purpose & see how God blesses!


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